Mechanically Assisted Welding

One reason our products meet a high standard of quality is we employ mechanically assisted welding. Maintaining proper speed to create a seamless bead can be achieved by highly skilled technicians but is much more easily attained when mechanically assisted. All of our stainless tanks are sealed using this technique, creating a seamless bead around the circumference of the tank. Our state-of-the-art facility enables us to fabricate tanks in a production line type of procedure to ensure each step is optimized and quality standards are met.

Custom Stainless Finish

Give your tanks a custom, classy and permanent logo or label. We can label your tanks with whatever you want in a sandblasted type of finish that stands out in an understated way. We strive to be creative at Swhift and nothing is too much to ask. Give us a call if you have something special in mind.

Custom Stainless Bottle Filler

Wine bottle filling station? Yep. Our local wine maker, Pend Oreille Winery, contracted us to make them a bottle filling station out of stainless steel. This was a great custom project that stretched out imagination a bit. But working with the client we came up with a beautiful solution. The entire stainless cabinet and all the parts were fabricated right in out shop. We finished off the top in copper to add that special touch.